Bringing live music to Southampton and surrounding areas. An opportunity for new or established local artists to play to an appreciative audience.
Music is the cornerstone of local communities and improves the lives of people in so many ways. I want to increase the amount of live music on offer and support local business.

Micro Music will be offering live music with Pay-as-you-feel events. We will invite two or three local and talented artists to perform for your pleasure in a venue chosen to bring live music to places that don't usually offer it.


Turn up and enjoy the music and at the end you decide how much you want to pay.

So who am I? My name is Tony and I have been a huge music fan since my teenage years. I learnt about music in the 90's. A child of Britpop and the Welsh band explosion around then (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals etc).

More recently I have developed a passion for local music. I enjoy seeing local talented musicians, bands and songwriters and that is where this idea was born.

It may well be a chance to live out my own music stardom fantasies vicariously through others as my own musical skills are strictly limited. I played bass in a couple of bands many years ago and these days I play the ukulele. I am a proud member of the mighty Southampton Ukulele Jam and if you get really unlucky you might catch me at an open mic playing my own little songs.