This page is only available to artists and organisers of the Micro Music event 2.

Date:    Thursday 23rd May

Venue: Coffee Lab (182-183 High St, SO14 2BY)

Artists: Foot/Long & Lucas and King


18.30  Venue will be set up. Please come along for a soundcheck.

19.30  Foot/Long

20.20  Intro to charity (Youth Options)

20.30  Lucas & King

21.15   End

Timings are based on  Coffe Lab asking that we are out of the venue by 10pm so they can lock up.

The event will be a pay-as-you-feel event. Free entry and people will be asked to contribute what they think it was worth before they leave. Money taken will be shared in the following way:

20% Charity

20% Artist 1

20% Artist 2


This event will work best if we have a good number of people turn up to the event. For that to happen the onus is on everyone involved (artists, venue, charity and Micro Music) to promote the event through their own networks.

Lets make music :)