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February Favourites

February was such a good month for new music on the radio show that I had to share a select few again. So these are my choices. Give them all a listen and let me know what you think.

Test Card Girl – Fly

Another delicate, beautiful piece of music from Test Card Girl. A slowly building wonder of a tune about being trapped inside and watching a fly escape to the freedom outside. It is destined to nestle itself into your brain and sit there exuding lovely vibes. Check out this song and the EP due later this year!

Cat SFX - This Ain't My 1st Rodeo

Cat SFX are one of those bands I will be a fan of huge fan of. Having previously played and fallen in love with Upside Down we now get this loud, brash and unapologetically political monster of a song – just how we like it here. Definitely ones to watch.

Bledig – Misericorde

A song about political leaders who deem themselves above the rules. Can’t think what might have inspired that recently. A blend of trip hop, prog rock and jazz drives this interesting song. Stay listening to the end for it’s messy and beautiful ending. For fans of something creatively different, well worth repeated listens.

Death By Bunny - All my kingdom

Formed in Uruguay and now based in London this is our first taste of the brilliantly named Death By Bunny. Unashamedly anthemic, this big room filling song is one of 35 songs they have written and ready to go. Ten are due to feature on their debut album which we await eagerly!

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