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Independent music is the best music

As I regularly say on the radio show, there is so much great music out there that we never get to hear. Being heard as an independent artist is incredibly hard these days but as a music fan it is worth making the effort and seeking out relatively unknown bands and giving them your support when you find something you like. This is why:

  • You can have a genuine and meaningful connection with independent musicians. Get to know them and their music, be supportive and be a part of their creativity growing and developing.

  • Independent music is often raw, ambitious, and interesting. Often it is unrestrained by commercial sensibilities and is all the better for it.

  • It is affordable. Or it is at least as affordable as other music and all the money goes to supporting the artist and what they do.

  • It’s just more interesting. Real people with real lives making music about real things. Are Coldplay going to give you music that relates to your day-to-day life? Your local band will!

  • They might get famous. If they do you can say you were there from the start. How amazing would that be.

So that is my case for why we should shake off the shackles of the AI curated playlist and search out independent artists for ourselves. Let me know your favourite independent artists...

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