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One to watch... Freya Beer

What do you get when you combine rich, lush sounding guitar laden songs that come laced with gothic undertones and then pair them with an artistic creative force?

What you get is Freya Beer. Artist, musician and somewhat of a mysterious presence. Writing songs since she was 10 and now in her 20’s Freya has released a string of catchy singles culminating in her debut album ‘Beast’ released last year.

Beast is one of those records that seems to land fully formed with a gentle swagger demanding to be listened to. Of course, if you had listened to the earlier non-album singles ‘Bike Boy’ and ‘Six Months’ this would not come as a surprise. The album opens as it means to go on with the title track telling a tale of the euphoric dream of a devilish figure. From there the album is full of familiar sounds as The Calm Before The Strom, Siren and Arms Open Wide serenade you with their exhilarating noise. Beyond the familiar singles there are some changes of tone such as the stripped back 'Pure' which showcases a gentler side to Freya’s writing and voice. As album closer 'Put It To The Test' says “I’ve found your weakness” and it’s hard to disagree. “Put it to the test… better than all the rest.” Indeed.

As if an album less than a year old wasn’t enough there is a new single 'Love Child' released on 1st April. The story of an individual with a toxic personality who seeks to undermine and sabotage another’s success by posing as some sort of spiritual being. Another soaring chorus and foot tapping melody can’t hide the feeling it’s best not to get on the wrong side of the writer.

Love Child available to buy and stream from 1/4/22

Beast is out now.


Twitter: @freyabeer

Instagram: @freya_beer

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