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So you want to send me your music?

Yes of course you can send me your music! One of the great pleasures of being involved with independent music is hearing a lot of new music. I get sent quite a few songs from PR people, pluggers and artists themselves. I listen to everything I’m sent (at least while the volume isn’t too high). I try to reply to as many people as possible if I have time – even if it’s a thanks but no thanks.

If I do say your song is not for me then I’m really sorry but I am one voice among many with my own taste in music. Others out there will like your music more than me, and that’s OK. But the times I do find something in my inbox that I really like is a magical moment that makes it all worthwhile. I’ll play it on my show, put it in the podcast, maybe write about it here and try to get more people to hear the music – after all that is what all this is about.

If you do send me music, there are some things you can do to make it more likely to go in the show:

  • It has to sound good. A good quality sound is very achievable recording at home these days and really helps to like the song.

  • Include all your info. Some info about you and the song, (working!) social media links and release date. Prepare yourself an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) so you can make once, use many times.

  • I’ll need a copy to the song. Either a file on the email or a link to a place I can download it. It gets very frustrating having to ask then being sent a streaming link on Spotify or somewhere like that.

  • Have a radio edit. If there is swearing it can’t go in my show so make sure there is a non-sweary version.

  • Include some photos. I like to share info about the show and the songs on social media. It’s much better with some pictures.

In summary, make it easy for me to like and play your song and it will be my pleasure to play your creation on my show. Use the contact page to get in touch with me if you want to send me music…

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Being a part of independent music means embracing the diverse sounds and stories from all corners. Kudos for not only listening to every submission but also taking the time to reply, spreading positivity in the musical community. 🙌📬 Let the melodies flow, and may the inbox be filled with hidden gems! By the way, Audiomack stands out as one of the best and most effective streaming platforms for aspiring musicians, more information here:


Hi guys I want to send a song to you guys


Beastmode extra
Beastmode extra
Jul 14, 2023

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