The first event

On Thursday 4th April the first Micro Music event took place at the Retro Cafe. After taking nearly a year to get from thinking about the idea to actually listening to some live music it was something of a celebration in my head. It was a proud moment to see people enjoying a music show in a cool Cafe that I had organised.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so nervous about something. Arriving at the Retro Cafe at about 6pm with the equipment I could already feel the butterfly's. Setting up didn’t take half as long as I thought so there was plenty of time to think and worry – what if no one turned up.

The doors opened at 7.30pm with no long queue stretching down the road as one of my more ambitious dreams had foretold. However, a steady trickle of people soon had the cafe feeling like a lively little venue.

Cat Eliza T kicked things off at 8pm. I had seen Cat play before and already knew how talented she was and she spent 45 wonderful minutes playing lovely songs with an easy going charm that had everyone in the room hooked.

Second up was Dan O’Farrell, another supremely talented performer. Starting off with new songs before playing some more familiar tunes from his impressive back catalogue he also had the room eating out of the palm of his hand. With Clare Canning providing backing vocals for several songs it was a set of beautifully balanced catchy songs and even a sing-a-long for the chorus of Rosaline wins.

The end of the evening came too quickly but people seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Two fantastic musical performers in a fun venue and a bunch of happy people. I can’t ask for much more than that. There will be more Micro Music events...