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The Radio Show - 2/3/22

The Micro Music radio show is on every Wednesday 7 to 9pm on Voice FM. It's a wonderful community radio station serving the community of Southampton but can be heard all over the world on If you like discovering new independent music then you might enjoy my show.

Every week I play a selection of new songs, plus the new songs from the week before as well as a selection of songs from the now extensive Micro Music archive.

New songs to the show this week:

  • The Last Broadcast - Daisy

  • Fanchon - rsm Smile

  • Test Card Girl - Fly

  • Fox Evades - Strange Forever

  • Lexie Carroll - do you want to leave this city?

  • The Aftercare - Spaceman

  • Kite Thief - Allegedly

  • Pem - Lullaby London

Want to hear the show? The first hour is here and the second hour is here. I don't know why it's split in two either! :)

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