Album review: Ali Horn - Balcony Boys

I regularly say on the radio show that we need to look beyond the Spotify algorithm generated playlists to find new music and this album is the perfect example of why. That such a wonderful collection of beautifully crafted songs isn’t heard by a bigger audience is bordering on criminal. Ali Horn Balcony Boys is an album full of musical delights that you need to hear.

Released in July 21 it contains all the themes you’d expect from something conceived in the lockdown years but it is so much more than that. The barely restrained anger of Managed Decline for example coveys the bleakness of watching the “managed decline of another northern town” but still never managing to “bring those motherfuckers down.”

Elsewhere the album takes an inward look at dark times. La Brea Tar is an absolute gem of a song. Born from isolation in a flat (my bright whites have all turned to grey) and wondering about launching yourself from the window set to a tune you can’t help hum along with while tapping your feet.

The album is self-produced and is the perfect advert for how good independent music can sound. Musically there is so much to hear. Each song feels lovingly crafted and repeated listens reveal details unheard the time before.

The album closes with End Credits, another must hear song with a hook so dreamy it will fill your brain with pleasure for hours. A meditation on death and ‘going downstairs’ set to an upbeat tune and a fitting and perfect end to the album. “Lets sing a happy song, a happy song…”

Ali Horn – Balcony boys is available to stream and buy.

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